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The kind of rain I love

Everybody's Gotta Be Somebody

It’s raining outside, it’s that kind of steady rain that doesn’t pound on you when you walk in it but you still get wet because there is enough falling down consistently to soak through your shirt.  And I’m on the porch at the Zen Den doing “work”.  And by work I mean, procrastinating by writing.  It’s a little chilly but there is no wind.  THIS is the kind of porch sitting I enjoy.

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2014 Laughter Conference Conference Agenda


Conference Agenda

Pricing and registration.

 Pre-conference workshops and trainings


2014 All America Laughter Wellness and Laughter Yoga Conference

Day 1: Thursday 10/23
   6 – 7:30pmRegistration
   7:30 – 8:10pmOpening Ceremony
Sebastien Gendry (USA, CA)
   8:15 – 8:30pmEnhancing The Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) Pathway Through Laughter
Dr. John Martin (USA, CA)
   8:35 – 9:30pmPinoy Laughter Yoga
Paolo Martin L. Trinidad (Philippines)
Day 2: Friday 10/24
   7:30 – 9amExtra program: Business breakfast
(Not included in conference registration. $25. Includes Breakfast)
Topic: New Frontiers In Wellness
Sebastien Gendry (USA, CA)
   9 – 9:20amOutdoor group laughter session
(by the entrance of the Convention Center)
   9:30 – 10:30amScience of laughter: What we know and what we don’t
Michele Santilhano, BSN, PhD-S (USA, CA)
   10:30 – 11amMorning Tea – Live musical entertainment with Phyllis Chang
   11 – 11:55pmClinical applications of laughter as an exercise 1-1 with older…

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