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Are you ready for 3 days of laughter, inspiration and learning? …and two full weeks of professional trainings and fun-filled events that celebrate health, joy and community!

2014 Laughter Conference

The 2014 Laughter Conference (9th annual all America Laughter Wellness and Laughter Yoga conference) will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California, on October 23-26th, 2014.

Pricing and registration.

2014 All America Laughter Wellness and Laughter Yoga Conference

Our theme this year is New Frontiers In Wellness. We’ll explore how Laughter Professionals worldwide are reinventing Wellness Programs with a multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness, and how this new holistic model is most effective for contemporary issues facing the 21st century.
Valid, Solid, Professional. 100% Refreshing. No jokes.

All are welcome! Come learn how to improve your work, life and health one laugh at a time! Perfect for business people, health professionals, carers, people who are suffering stress, anxiety or depression, or just laughter enthusiasts.. Can’t…

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Laughter Yoga: Present Moment Exercise ~ No Humor Required

Sarasota Mindfulness Institute

banner-affliated stampSarasota Mindfulness Institute (SMI) has hosted weekly Laughter Yoga since November, 2013. The group currently meets on Mondays, from 1:00-1:30pm (Cost: donation-based).  SMI will host Sarasota’s first Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training on November 8th & 9th. Contact:

It is impossible to laugh at any other moment than the moment in which you laugh.  You can’t laugh later, because later becomes NOW when you’re laughing. You can’t laugh an hour ago (unless you rekindle that laughter anew, NOW). Laughter is truly a present moment activity. Laughter can also become a choice, a practice with profound physiological and psychological benefits.

Like any practice (meditation, working out, or playing an instrument) Laughter Yoga isn’t always easy or comfortable, particularly when we first begin. It is common to feel awkward during your first Laughter Yoga session. Too often, people try one Laughter Yoga session and give-up. The key is to keep…

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Healing for the FUN of it

Transcontinental Musings

Most of the time, people become my clients because they are unhappy with the prescriptions they get from their doctors, whether conventional or naturopathic. They are overwhelmed by the pharmaceuticals, supplements, and diet changes that their provider insists they must swallow and follow for what seems like an infinite amount of time — a year, the foreseeable future, or in some cases, forever.

And that saps any possibility of joy from their potential healing. The client loses their mojo. They see Mt. Everest before them. Huge. Looming. Insurmountable.

Why in the world would they want to invest the time, money, and energy in a process that might or might not heal them, but will, in their eyes, cause them to suffer, whether physically or emotionally? To me, that’s a bitter pill to swallow.

I do not believe in telling my clients they have to “suffer through it,” “stick it out,”…

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