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All paths lead toward the light with Laughter Brain Training

He had a wonderful opportunity to take our Rolling Laughter Brain Training on the road this weekend to Antelope Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Lancaster, Ca.

“All paths lead toward the light”

When walking into a fresh space and realizing that this is also a safe place. allowing you to become willing to understand the dynamics of the human condition that brings everyone in the room.

Laughter is the Best Medicine. We begin each session with going inward in ourselves to check where we are at. On a scale of one to ten I was a five. The room felt like a two and a half. The leader of the group was Roxie Patterson, a long time community activist, we had first met doing our live podcast show, “YOUNG LOVE AFTER 50” at our local health food store, The Whole Wheatery .  This fifty something adorned with peace symbol earrings asked us about a week ago to share Laughter Yoga with a Sunday gathering at the Church.

A gathering of some fifteen willing souls to do something new, something positive, and something life changing, is so exciting it plugs me into the moment, living in the now.

My Beloved has the most powerful tongue i have ever felt. Marva leads the group through meditation and than through self discovery we all become closer and closer. The most important elements in this exchange is to bring your child like playfulness, your willingness to make eye contact, and your loving self  to each other.

I did, or tempted , Stand-up Comedy for over twenty-five years at he highest level in LA through the Comedy Store. Every performance was a life or death experience,. I had to get into every audience members cognizant mind and some how touch the same thread of humor i was feeling.

However the application of Laughter Yoga, or as we call it LAUGHTER BRAIN TRAINING, IS REALLY THE TRUEST WAY TO ACHIVE a balance in body chemicals  to lowers stress, unrestricted blood flow and clamming of you body temperature giving you a better precipitin of humanity.

Let yourself experience the joys of life through Laughter yoga… you won’t be sorry… are you smiling right now?


Rolling Laughter Hour at The Whole Wheatery

http://www.lolheals.com Rolling Laughter Hour at The Whole Wheatery
Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders Marva & Jim Greenled invite you to this free
Rolline Laushter Hour
At th The Whole Wheatery
Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Effective group exercise for mind and body. No special equipment or prior knowledge necessary. Laughter Yoga July 9th
The Whole Wheatery
442641fth St W, Lancaster, California
Time: 6pm
all you need to bring is your willingness.
http//www. lolheals.com
310.218.271 4JOY TO THE WORLD!


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