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I’m 59 years young today. There has been many turns in the road and burned a few bridges. However never loosing my since of humor . I’ve often said, “I’d be happy if I was in jail.”

Remember we are hurling through space on a rock. That simple perspective gives me enough in my cup to float my boat.

Laughter is the best prescription.

I found myself at Ballard’s Rehabilitation Center in San Bernardino Ca. Two years before I found out a week before Christmas while i was entertaining as Santa at a Bass Pro Shop in Auburn NY.  that my Diabetes  had erupted in my right foot. When the smoke had settled i had lost my five toes on my right foot.

This day I was two weeks into the hospital and 2 hours away from my beloved. I created this videos one everyday  for twelve days in a row.  and the lesson here is no matter what is coming at you as long as you laugh … you will always have the best prescription at your finger tips.

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7




Day 9


Day 10


Day 11


Day 12


LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE .  http://www.lolheals.com

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doing something new each week

I read a story about Laughter Yoga in the Newspaper. Pictures of people falling about laughing as they pranced in silly poses in my local park. Who would put themselves through that sort of ridiculous embarrassment? This is a public park with the Farmers Market in full swing, hundreds of families out spreading picnic blankets in the sun and kids enjoying birthday parties on the grass?

Me! Yep that would be Me. Okay I can justify myself.

Laughing yoga

Being the UN World Day of Happiness it seems appropriate I try this path to happiness. And even more importantly, there are thousands of pages of scientific research about increased endorphins, medical trials championing laughter as the best medicine. Famous doctors like Patch Adams and Norman Cousins declaring laughter cures illness faster and more effectively that any pharmaceuticals and anecdotal tales of healing and wellbeing just with a few cackles.

I arrive at…

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